Last year we newly introduced the EFFZETT® X-zIbit rods, explaining here that

X-zibit stands for “Exzibit”, which literally means “proof”. And we mentioned that

we chose that name because EFFZETT® X-zibit was proof that EFFZETT® was

capable of making fantastic rods for unbeatable prices. And the market proved

us right! The EFFZETT® X-zibit have been received by very well and many EFFZETT

® X-zibit rods found their way to satisfied anglers. No wonder, because not

only do they look fabulous, they are also durable and light in weight, thanks to

the TC30 carbon blanks and original Fuji® reelseats and guides.

Because of this unparalleled success we are happy to announce that we, due to

popular demand, added an ultra-heavy baitcast version (50 – 150gr – ideal for

fishing big lures, like our new EFFZETT® Pike Seducers and Real Life Catfish

lures) and an ultra-light version (2 – 10gr – specially designed for fishing with our

EFFZETT® D-Lite baitcast reel).


These are probably the most universal rods in the X-zibit range. By

using high grade carbon we managed to keep these rods slim. Still

they have a fast, tip action. That allows you to cast further, feel every

take and set the hook in time. Ranging from 1,90m to 2,70m in various

casting weights (up to a 100g). Even the most experienced professional

will be impressed by them!


We made an X-zibit rod specially for vertical jigging for zander because

this fishing method asks for a special kind of rod: lightweight,

short, sensitive and super-fast. It must also have a short handle and

be very well balanced. We managed to combine all that into one rod.

So, that’s what you’ll get with the X-zibit Vertical Jigging!


Specially designed for drop shot fishing. That means: the right length,

sensitivity and power to cast, feel fish bite and strike. With tiny Fuji®

guides, to make it even more light and sensitive. Can be used from

the boat and from the bank.


Ideal rod for jigging from the bank. This rod possesses just the right

length and action to cast far, properly lift the jig of the bottom (even

at great distance) and set the hook. Like all the other X-zibit rods built

with an original Fuji® reelseat and micro-guides.


The X-zibit baitcast rods. Ideal for casting (or even jigging and trolling)

light to heavy lures. The heavier versions are also suitable for jerkbait

fishing with medium-sized jerkbaits, like our Jerkstars. They fish just

as great as they look!

X-Zibit Spin butt end
2942 270 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-L SPIN 2,70m 1,38m 2 7-21g 170g 900,00 kn
2943 270 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-H SPIN 2,70m 1,38m 2 40-80g 187g 950,00 kn
2944 300 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-UH SPIN 3,00m 1,53m 2 50-100g 230g 1068,00 kn
2945 180 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-M VERTICAL 1,80m 0,94m 2 7-28g 111g 710,00 kn
2946 190 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-L SPIN 1,90m 0,98m 2 5-20g 108g 712,00 kn
2947 200 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-UH SPIN 2,00m 1,03m 2 30-80g 146g 766,00 kn
2948 210 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-M SPIN 2,10m 1,09m 2 7-30g 133g 782,00 kn
2949 220 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-H SPIN 2,20m 1,13m 2 15-50g 152g 810,00 kn
2950 228 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-M DROPSHOT 2,28m 1,17m 2 7-28g 145g 789,00 kn
2951 240 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-M JIG 2,40m 1,26m 2 7-30g 155g 840,00 kn
2952 240 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT S-M/H SPIN 2,40m 1,25m 2 10-40g 162g 850,00 kn
2953 190 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT C-L BAITCAST 1,90m 1,65m 2 5-20g 118g 674,00 kn
2954 200 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT C-M BAITCAST 2,00m 1,70m 2 7-30g 128g 708,00 kn
2955 200 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT C-H BAITCAST 2,00m 1,64m 2 30-80g 140g 737,00 kn
2956 220 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT C-M/H BAITCAST 2,20m 1,13m 2 15-50g 139g 780,00 kn
2953 189 EFFZETT X-ZIBIT C-UL BAITCAST 1,90m 1,66m 2 2-10g 114g674,00 kn