The latest and probably also the most remarkable new member of the

SteelPower® Black rod family. It has the same appearance and are of

the same quality as our new SteelPower® Black Surf rods however…

they come with two tips. Each tip has a different action (and therefor

its own guide set-up). Built with quality SeaGuide guides and an

original Fuji DPS reelseat. Made of TC30 carbon, so lightweight yet

powerful, allowing you to cast up to 250gr of lead as far as you can.

Probably the most complete surfcasting rod you can think of. It has

a soft touch handle, non-slip grips at the connections and counter

weights in the butt end, allowing you to adjust the rod balance to your

personal preference. Delivered in a cordura rod tube, for easy and

safe transport.


After the huge success of our SteelPower® Black Tuna rod we decided

to produce surfcasting rods under the same brand and, of course,

in the same high quality, for the same attractive prices. These distinguished

looking rods have been developed with the help of some

extremely experienced surfcasting cracks. SteelPower® Black Surf

rods are up to the job and can withstand extreme force and salty

conditions. Made of TC30 carbon, an original Fuji DPS reelseat and

original Fuji guides. But they are not only strong and powerful, they

also possess many features that make these rods truly special, like a

white tip, a soft touch handle and non-slip grips at the connections,

so that you can easily take the rod apart when you want to go home

– even with cold hands. Delivered in a cordura tube, for easy and safe transport.


2428450 Steelpower Black Twin Tip complete
2428 450 STEELPOWER BLACK SURF TWIN TIP 4,50m 1,58m 3+1 250g 776g 2159,00 kn
2427 420 STEELPOWER BLACK SURF 4,20m 1,46m 3 250g 591g 1376,00 kn
2427 450 STEELPOWER BLACK SURF 4,50m 1,58m 3 250g 605g 1461,00 kn