The Sumo® GT4 series is designed for the demanding coarse angler.

For this rod series we have only applied the highest quality

raw materials and components and it shows! All the rods in this

series have nice cork grips and bright red trimmings as the finishing

touch. There is a rod model for every kind of coarse angling method

or fish, like bream, roach, tench and so on. From a light and short

winkle picker rod until feeder rods that can cast even the heaviest

feeders, they’re all there!


¡¡ Super lightweight TC30 GT4 Carbon Structure

¡¡ Ergonomically shaped, top-grade full cork handle

¡¡ Functional hard-EVA parts on some of the handles

¡¡ Durable reelseat with stainless steel hoods

¡¡ Slim inlay, braid resistant SiC guides

¡¡ Non-flicker matt finish on the metal parts

¡¡ UV-protection, hard-varnish blank finish

2229 330 SUMO GT4 CARP FEEDER 11‘ 3,30m 170cm 2+3 20-75g 241g 475,00 kn
2229 360 SUMO GT4 CARP FEEDER 12‘ 3,60m 125cm 3+3 20-75g 229g 495,00 kn
2230 390 SUMO GT4 METHOD FEEDER 13‘ 3,90m 139cm 3+3 30-100g 310g 572,00 kn
2230 391 SUMO GT4 METHOD FEEDER 13‘ 3,90m 139cm 3+3 75-150g 290g 693,00 kn
2230 392 SUMO GT4 METHOD FEEDER 13‘ 3,90m 139cm 3+3 100-200g 320g 728,00 kn
2231 350 SUMO GT4 WAGGLER 11.6‘ 3,50m 121cm 3+3 5-20g 290g 556,00 kn
2231 390 SUMO GT4 WAGGLER 13‘ 3,90m 135cm 3+3 15-40g 251g 607,00 kn
2232 275 SUMO GT4 CARP PICKER 9‘ 2,75m 140cm 2+3 10-40g 175g 435,00 kn