These rods are the most versatile rods within the Optimus series.

Due to the highgrade TC40 carbon we could develop extremely

sensitive, slim and nevertheless durable rods. The outstanding extra

fast tip action gives the angler the ultimate control over the lure

and transmits every take no matter how carefully the fish grabs the

lure. The strong backbone secures a perfect hook setting even at

great distance. Among the seven well thought through spin models

the perfect rod for almost every species that can be found, no

matter if the target is perch, trout, pike or zander.


¡¡ Extreme thin TC40 carbon blank

¡¡ Sate-of-the-Art Fuji® K guides

¡¡ Fuji® reelseat

¡¡ Handle made from best cork and EVA

¡¡ Cross-Carbon-Optic

¡¡ Laser engraved butt cap

Intro + details Optimus rods (11)
2293 210 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN L 2,10m 112cm 2 3-15g 147g 832,00 kn
2293 215 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN ML 2,15m 114cm 2 7-25g 158g 854,00 kn
2293 230 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN M 2,30m 122cm 2 10-40g 167g 1056,00 kn
2293 241 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN MH 2,40m 128cm 2 10-50g 176g 1100,00 kn
2293 272 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN ML 2,70m 142cm 2 7-30g 176g 1158,00 kn
2293 270 EFFZETT OPTIMUS SPIN H 2,70m 139cm 2 50-75g 176g 1236,00 kn