The name Optimus stands for perfection – in all details. Extremely

fast, lightweight, stable and sensitive TC40 carbon blanks combined

with high quality Fuji® K guides and an original Fuji® reelseat

make these rods a pleasure to fish with. The highest quality cork

in combination with black EVA material gives the fisherman a comfortable

feeling while holding these rods in his hands. Due to the

extremely good balance of the Optimus rods the ambitious angler

will have no problems fishing these rods the whole day. A very well

thought through range that doesn’t leave any wishes open.


This rod is made for casting or trolling big lures for big pikes. In

combination with our Quick® Optimus Baitcaster reel you get

the perfect combination to fish with large lures, like the EFFZETT

® Real Life Catfish or the EFFZETT® Pike Seducers nearly

effortlessly. Easy to set a hook with, even with big, heavy lures.

This long tip section enables optimal casting characteristics and

thanks to the detachable butt section the Lure Shooter is easy to transport.


The Optimus Big Spin is perfect for spin fishing from out of a boat.

Especially pike anglers will recognize immediately the advantages

of this 2,20m powerhouse. The Optimus Big Spin is hard to resist

and is always tempting the angler to make another “last cast“. The

quality Fuji® components are durable and will withstand the most

violent predators. The ideal rod for big shads and twisters.


Vertical fishing for zander requires a purpose made rod. We created

a rod that that meets all demands for vertical fishing: the Optimus

Vertical. This ultra-light and 195cm long rod is super sensible

but also has enough backbone to set the hook in hard mouths and

to control hard fighting river zander.


In the Optimus Casting you will find the perfect tool for small and

medium sized wobbler or shads. The super fast blank enables precise

casting, perfect control of the lure and delivers an immediate

and exact signal if you have a take. Due to its 2m length it is a good

rod for boat and bank fishing. It is the rod for modern perch fishing.


The Optimus Jerk rod was made especially for fishing with jerkbaiso

with a short handle and an original Fuji® trigger reelseat. The

extremely fast blank (80gr and 110gr casting weight) enables you

to control jerkbaits, like the EFFZETT® Jerkstar easily. The Optimus

Jerk rod can also easily handle other baits, like frogs, poppers

or swimbaits.

2293240_EFFZETT - OPTIMUS LURE SHOOTER 2,40M - 80-170G
2293 240 EFFZETT OPTIMUS LURE SHOOTER 2,40M 186cm 2 80-170g 186g 1270,00 kn
2293 220 EFFZETT OPTIMUS BIG SPIN 2,20m 186cm 2 80-120g 148g 1035,00 kn
2293 195 EFFZETT OPTIMUS VERTICAL 1,95m 195cm 1 30g 127g 876,00 kn
2293 200 EFFZETT OPTIMUS CASTING 2,00m 200cm 1 30g 118g 899,00 kn
2293 201 EFFZETT OPTIMUS JERK H 2,00m 200cm 1 50-80g 127g 921,00 kn