A special rod for a special type of angler: the specimen hunter.

Developed, tested and approved by fishing celebrity and DAM

team member Jakub Vagner. Ideal rod for the hunter for monster

big freshwater fish all over the world, like arapaima, Nile perch, alligator

gar, catfish and so on. Built to catch extreme fish and withstand

extreme conditions. For example: we chose to use heavy

duty guides without any ceramic ring, for the simple reason that

the ceramic ring can’t be damaged or fall out because it is simply

not there. Original Fuji PSC-H reel seat. Lightweight and at the

same time unbelievably tough rod. Light weight because we used

TC30/36 carbon and tough because of the nano carbon blank.

No fish will break this rod. Comes with two tips, each with a different

length, so depending on the anglers preference this rod can

be fished as a 2,40 or a 3,00m rod. The casting weight, for each length, is 100-200g.

2233001_DAM - MONSTER BIG FISH ROD (2-TIP) - 2,402,70M - 100-200GR
2233 001 DAM MONSTER BIG FISH ROD (2-TIP) 2,40/3,00m 154cm 2 100-200g 490/550g 1176,00 kn