A fantastic new series of hollow glass rods with a solid glass tip.

This concept makes these rods lightweight and extremely robust

at the same time. We’re tempted to call these rods practically unbreakable.

Truth is that Maxi-Sticks can withstand considerable

abuse. We decided to call them Maxi-Sticks because these rods

truly offer you maximum value for money. And there is a Maxi-Stick

for everybody as they are available in four different lengths, each

with its own casting weight. On top of that they are also available

in a light, medium and heavy action. To avoid any confusion we

gave each action its own color: light is green, medium is blue and heavy is orange.

2149860_DAM - MAXI STICK LIGHT 2,40M - 20-60G-DETAIL1
2149 712 DAM MAXI STICK LIGHT 2,10m 1,05cm 5-12g 2 233g 185,00 kn
2149 815 DAM MAXI STICK LIGHT 2,40m 1,24cm 7-15g 2 274g 209,00 kn
2149 920 DAM MAXI STICK LIGHT 2,70m 1,39cm 10-20g 2 350g 238,00 kn
2149 025 DAM MAXI STICK LIGHT 3,00m 1,54cm 10-25g 2 387g 269,00 kn
2149 725 DAM MAXI STICK MEDIUM 2,10m 1,05cm 10-25g 2 262g 191,00 kn
2149 830 DAM MAXI STICK MEDIUM 2,40m 1,24cm 15-30g 2 360g 216,00 kn
2149 935 DAM MAXI STICK MEDIUM 2,70m 1,39cm 15-35g 2 396g 247,00 kn
2149 040 DAM MAXI STICK MEDIUM 3,00m 1,54cm 20-40g 2 449g 277,00 kn
2149 750 DAM MAXI STICK HEAVY 2,10m 1,05cm 20-50g 2 295g 198,00 kn
2149 860 DAM MAXI STICK HEAVY 2,40m 1,24cm 20-60g 2 369g 220,00 kn
2149 970 DAM MAXI STICK HEAVY 2,70m 1,39cm 30-70g 2 469g 259,00 kn
2149 080 DAM MAXI STICK HEAVY 3,00m 1,54cm 40-80g 2 498g 290,00 kn