The MAD® Morpheus series has been developed for demanding carp

anglers who do not want to make any compromise when choosing a

rod. These rods have more guides than most carp rods to make better

use of the blank and cast greater distances. All Morpheus rods are

equipped with a lightweight aluminum ALPS reelseat that can easily

hold big pit reels. The design is very basic with no unnecessary features.

The two-piece handle is made of Japanese EVA and is tapered,

allowing the blank to do its job all the way to the butt end. Already in

the first week of testing these beauties landed two carp well over 50 lb.

Since then the guys from the MAD® team are completely convinced

of these powerhouses.


¡¡ Lightweight Alps reel seat

¡¡ Reinforced guide wrappings

¡¡ Metal butt cap with laser graving

¡¡ UV protection blank varnish

¡¡ Extremely strong carbon for ultra-distance casting

¡¡ Original low-resistance SiC guides

¡¡ Also available with a size 50 start guide (UK versions)

¡¡ Woven carbon style under the reel seat

¡¡ Anodized metal parts

2311 275 MAD MORPHEUS 3,60m 185 cm 2 2,75lb 317g 879,00 kn
2311 300 MAD MORPHEUS 3,60m 185 cm 2 3,00lb 379g 905,00 kn
2311 301 MAD MORPHEUS 3,00m 152 cm 2 3,00lb 318g 863,00 kn
2311 325 MAD MORPHEUS 3,60m 185 cm 2 3,25lb 419g 940,00 kn
2311 390 MAD MORPHEUS 3,90m 200 cm 2 3,50lb 450g 1216,00 kn
2311 302 MAD MORPHEUS UK 3,60m 185 cm 2 3,00lb 324g 944,00 kn
2311 326 MAD MORPHEUS UK 3,60m 185 cm 2 3,25lb 425g 1045,00 kn
2311 391 MAD MORPHEUS UK 3,90m 200 cm 2 3,50lb 456g 1265,00 kn