Already the third generation of the famous MAD® D-Fender carp

rods. What better proof can we give you that these rods are successful

in the market and on the banks?! We managed to improve

the rods again. Weight and action are, generally speaking, same

as before. They are made of the same 24T carbon blanks. However…

we made the appearance a little bit more minimalist, modern.

Some models have a high quality cork grip and where not

we added a non-slip grip.

They say: never change a winning team. So… basically we didn’t.

We just gave the members a new outfit. And added a few players.

So, with this third generation of MAD® D-Fender carp rods it is fair

to say: the legend continues!

Completely new in the D-Fender range: the D-Fender III Classic

300/2 – 3 lb, specially designed for boat fishing and the D-Fender

III Classic 360/2 – 3,25 lb.


2313XXX_Details D-Fender III (2)
2313 800 MAD D-FENDER III 3,60m 184cm 2 2,75lb 330g 520,00 kn
2313 801 MAD D-FENDER III 3,60m 185cm 2 3,00lb 356g 535,00 kn
2313 802 MAD D-FENDER III 3,60m 184cm 2 3,25lb 388g 560,00 kn
2313 803 MAD D-FENDER III 3,60m 125cm 3 3,00lb 342g 530,00 kn
2313 804 MAD D-FENDER III 3,60m 125cm 3 3,25lb 366g 550,00 kn
2313 805 MAD D-FENDER III / SPOD & MARKER ROD 3,60m 186cm 2 5,00lb 451g 690,00 kn