Inline rods are used by catfish anglers for clonk fishing. These anglers

are holding the mainline in one hand while clonking with the

other. When a catfish attacks, they set the hook by hand. Then

they drop the clonk and line and grab the rod to start the fight.

There is a real chance that, during that process, the line gets stuck

behind a guide. You can imagine what happens next! The solution

to that problem: a rod without guides! The MADCAT® Inline rod

has exactly the right length and the right action for clonk fishing.

Comes with a threader to make it easy to pull your line through.


Catfish, high grade carbon spinning rods with exactly the right

casting weight, action and balance to effortlessly cast heavy lures

and fight big catfish. Powerful yet sensitive. They are lightweight

and possess a fast action. Built with a high quality, downlocked

DPS reelseat, seven guides and a rubber butt cap. Great fun to

fish with and a joy to look at.


Series of three distinctive catfish rods for buoy fishing with a

somewhat parabolic action. Everything is right about these quality

rods: the action, the guide setup, the position of the DBS reelseat

and the no-nonsense, super strong, black, stainless steel SeaGuide

AG and AG-B guides. Equipped with a solid butt cap. A joy to

look at, a joy to fish with. And very affordable.


Vertical jigging for catfish is hot! No wonder, because it is great fun

and very effective. The MADCAT® Vertical is specially designed

for this method: it is powerful, sensitive and well-balanced. Because

vertical jigging for catfish is being done from out of a boat,

we kept it short: 1,90m. This is the ideal rod for fishing with the

MADCAT® Hot balls, Flexi balls, Snap-on vertiball rigs and even

the MADCAT® jigheads. Built with original SeaGuide XE stainless

steel guides, specially designed for jigging rods.


This TC24 carbon, fast action rod looks like a carp rod and pellet

fishing even resembles carp fishing a lot. But there is a big difference:

the rod is much more powerful. With the MADCAT® Pellet

rod the angler can easily catch that monster fish of his (or her)

dreams. Although it is not common to cast out pellets, we did

keep the rod long. The reason: pellet fans are fishing from the bank

and they want to be able to keep the line high, to avoid it getting

snagged up. Built with quality components, like an uplocked DPS

reelseat and seven oversized, SiC guides (suitable for braids).


There is no such thing as a rod that is perfect for any kind of fishing

but if it had to be one rod, then this is the one! Suitable for boat

and bank fishing. It has a powerful, parabolic action, which means

it is fast enough to set the hook right yet, at the same time, it bends

enough to enjoy also some smaller fish. The MADCAT® Allround is

equipped with a long front grip, rubber butt cap and other quality

components, like a heavy duty reelseat and seven SiC guides.

Excellent value for money!

2905285 MADCAT Allround complete.jpg
2907 210 MADCAT INLINE 2,10m 1,47m 2 20-30lbs 408g 507,00 kn
2903 240 MADCAT SPIN 2,40m 1,24m 2 40-150g 280g 410,00 kn
2903 270 MADCAT SPIN 2,70m 1,40m 2 40-150g 335g 432,00 kn
2903 300 MADCAT SPIN 3,00m 1,55m 2 40-150g 390g 478,00 kn
2902 240 MADCAT HEAVY DUTY 2,40m 1,23m 2 150-250g 380g 514,00 kn
2902 270 MADCAT HEAVY DUTY 2,70m 1,43m 2 200-300g 435g 514,00 kn
2902 300 MADCAT HEAVY DUTY 3,00m 1,53m 2 200-300g 490g 520,00 kn
2904 190 MADCAT VERTICAL 1,90m 1,90m 1 150g 343g 540,00 kn
2906 360 MADCAT PELLET 3,60m 1,88m 2 5lbs 461g 738,00 kn
2905 285 MADCAT ALLROUND 2,85m 1,49m 2 150-300g 490g 440,00 kn