Fishing from the bank with buoys or stone and from the Boat with

floats are the most common successful methods to catch big

catfish. The “Black Heavy Duty” was developed for these heavy

techniques that demand a lot of the tackle that is used. Equipped

with a solid rubber butt cap, a reliable high quality reel seat and

super stable guides. The tough parabolic action lets you stay in

control when fighting a big fish, but at the same time lets you enjoy

medium fish too.


These rods are designed for casting lures for hours during the

entire night or day. The rods have a great balance and tremendous

power during the fight. This makes these rods the perfect partner

for long spinning sessions. Thanks to the slim blank you can

constantly feel what is going on with your lure or any cautious biting

fish. These light weight and fast spinning rods are the perfect

choice for fishing with big shads, spoons or hard lures.


Vertical fishing, clonking and casting from the boat, whatever active

catfish angling you want to do; this rod was built for it! The

unbelievably slim blank enables you to have the mandatory contact

to the bait when fishing. This rod will give our “Hotball” or

“Flexi-Balls” the “tasty” action that is needed to seduce the big

active cats. It is very well balanced and the rigid backbone power

of the rod will let you enjoy the full pleasure of “light tackle” while

fighting giant catfish.


With this elegant and light weight allround rod you can do virtually

any kind of catfish angling. No matter if you fish from the boat

or from the bank, the length of 2,85m is absolutely universal.

Equipped with quality components like solid butt cap, reliable reel

seat, the extra-long front grip and the line protecting SiC flange

tip guide offer an excellent value for money. The parabolic blank

offers a great fighting experience with medium sized catfish, but

also has some power left for bigger fish.

2249_MAD_CAT_Spin (3)
2247 300 MADCAT BLACK HEAVY DUTY 3,00 m 155 cm 2 200 - 400 g 467 g 449,00 kn
2249 240 MADCAT BLACK SPIN 2,40 m 126 cm 2 40 - 150 g 298 g 399,00 kn
2249 270 MADCAT BLACK SPIN 2,70 m 141 cm 2 40 - 150 g 339g 439,00 kn
2249 300 MADCAT BLACK SPIN 3,00 m 155 cm 2 40 - 150 g 382 g 480,00 kn
2250 190 MADCAT BLACK VERTICAL 1,90 m 190 cm 1 150 g 324 g 438,00 kn
2251 285 MADCAT BLACK ALLROUND 2,85 m 102 cm 2 150 - 300 g 498 g 399,00 kn