The MAD® CAT Ghost Klong rig is a complete novelty for this kind of fi shing! This very effective system is developed by one of our local test anglers – and together with him we even improved it further. This rig is the secret weapon when the catfi sh are lazy, not hungry, or simply because they are trained not to take the regular klong system anymore to avoid being caught. The rig is 100 cm long and consists of 0,90 mm high abrasion resistant fl uorocarbon with a breaking strength of 45 kg! In comparison with conventional rig material it is practically not visible for the fi sh! On the upper single hook you rig some fat worms. Approximately 2 cm underneath the hook a double rattle is placed that gives the system acoustic attraction. Then, two octopus skirts are rigged towards each other on an inline lead, leaving the “arms” free to pulse in the water. Finally, a treble is placed on the end of the rig to fi nish it off. So why does it catch more fi sh?

  • T he nearly invisible fl uorocarbon material
  • A coustic attraction thanks to the double rattle
  • T he visually attractive pulsing of the octopus skirts
  • T he integrated lead that always keeps the rig vertically positioned
  • T he last treble that tricks also the fi sh that only want to nibble out of curiosity!
Mad Cat Ghost Klong Red
BOJA 20 g – Hook size 4/0 + 2/0 30 g – Hook size 5/0 + 3/0 40 g – Hook size 6/0 + 4/0
Red Glitter 5465 020 5465 030 5465 040
Pink Glitter 5465 120 5465 130 5465 140
Fluo Glitter 5465 220 5465 230 5465 240
White/Yellow Glitter 5465 320 5465 330 5465 340