MAD® Guardian camoufl age line is a co-polymer monof

i lament that has been especially designed for heavy duty fi shing in waters with many snags and obstacles! Made by using the latest developments in line manufacturing techniques, this tough line with incredible knot strength offers you everything you expect of a high quality carp fi shing line. The Guardian line has been carefully tested by our Spanish MAD team while fi shing for both carp and catfi sh in the river Ebro. Next to superb characteristics it also has a special low-visibility camoufl age color that combines natural green with near to silt black.


  • Super tough coating for optimal abrasion resistance
  • Special surface treatment against UV-rays
  • S pecially developed low visibility 2-tone camoufl age color that breaks the line pattern under water and making it almost impossible for a carp to recognize as a line.
  • E xtremely low stretch and very low-memory to prevent the line from kinking
  • High knot strength

MAD® Guardian Camoufl age Carp line is being delivered in a unique designed airtight PET container that keeps the line in optimal state until it is on your reels! This container holds a very innovative feature that we call the CPL System. This stands for Contra Pressure Line-winding System. Thanks to 2 clever suction cups, the line container can be fi xed to a stable surface after which the inner spool system enables you to spool the line onto your reels under the perfect amount of pressure!

3907 025 MAD GUARDIAN-CAMOU LINE 3.767 m 0,25 4,6 1 0,2
3907 030 MAD GUARDIAN-CAMOU LINE 2.650 m 0,3 6,9 1 5,3
3907 035 MAD GUARDIAN-CAMOU LINE 2.203 m 0,35 9,1 2 0,2
3907 040 MAD GUARDIAN-CAMOU LINE 1.553 m 0,4 13,7 30,4
3907 045 MAD GUARDIAN-CAMOU LINE 1.377 m 0,45 17,9 39,8