80 years EFFZETT® – In 2013 we are celebrating the birthday of our

famous EFFZETT® predatory fishing brand. In the fast pace and

trend-sensitive tackle branch that is an almost unbelievable achievement.

Reason for us to build predatory fishing rods under this brand,

to show the world, in 2013, once again, that tradition doesn’t necessarily

means outdated or old-fashioned and can still be young, modern

and of high quality.

Like the EFFZETT® SLR and the EFFZETT® TRV rods the EFFZETT®

Pro series has been developed specifically for the cracks in modern

predator fishing. The series is characterized by a modern, highly appealing

design with short legged guides, extremely stiff blanks with

tip action and made of TC36 carbon. Two-piece EVA handles with a

butt cap decorated with a laser engraved EFFZETT® logo. All rods

are in close coordination with our predator fishing junkies from the

EFFZETT® team.


This Pro Worm BC (baitcasting) and Specialist BC rods are designed

for baitcast reel enthusiasts. They are a perfect match for our

Quick® Brani baitcast reel. Combined you get powerful yet

unbelievably lightweight sets. Regardless if you are targeting pike,

zander or perch, with one of these two sets you will have a powerful

tool that allows you to play and land even the biggest fish.


Dropshot fishing has become increasingly popular and sophisticated

in recent years. The EFFZETT® Pro Dropshot rods have been

especially designed for this kind of technique. With these powerful

rods, with their sensitive tips, you can effortlessly play and land a

big perch, pike or zander. Where other rods have to give up, these

rods have only just begun! Available up to 2,40m.


This rod series has been developed in close cooperation with our

zander experts from. The result is a series of super stiff rods that

allow the angler to set the hook properly. At the same time these

rods possess a fine, sensitive tip that detects even the smallest

take. With up to 3,00m in length you will have no difficulty casting

great distances and setting the hook properly. A zander EFFZETT

® Pro Zander rod is your best choice for zander fishing in

rivers, lakes and canals.


With these rod you will always have a reliable partner for fishing

with shads in all sizes. Regardless if you want to fish in the canal,

river or some local sand pit, with small or big shads, this series

offers you the right rod.


These rods are designed for pike fishing with lures. They are the

right rods to fish with crankbaits, spoons or soft lures, in various

siyes. They can handle even the biggest pike.


The EFFZETT® Pro Jig rods, as the name already suggests, are

designed for fishing with jigs. Rods with lengths of 1,90m to 2,70

m. This series contains the right rod for any kind of jig fishing,

from small jigs to medium sized soft baits. With casting weights

of 7-28g and 14-35g you can cast and fish just about any jig with

great ease. The fine rod tips are so sensitive that you won t miss

even the most subtle take. We deliberately used stiff blanks for

these rods to give you maximum casting and hook setting power.


The EFFZETT® Pro Jerk has been specially developed for fishing

jerkbaits up to 100g, allowing the angler to use most of the popular

jerkbaits in all conditions. Also big poppers, swimmbaits or surface

lures like frogs are no problem for this rod.


The Crank & Metal rod is specially designed for metal lures such

as the EFFZETT® spoons, spinnerbaits and crankbaits. If you are

wondering what rod to use to target perch or salmonids in small

or medium sized rivers this rod might just be exactly what you’ve

been looking for.


For all fans of twitch baits and popper fishing we have two winners

in our program: one 2,20m and one 2,40m version, to cast lures

up to 28g and 60g. With these rods you can effortlessly fish in

weedy waters for pike and perch. Be sure to try the lighter version

together with our EFFZETT® twitch baits for trout in clear streams.


2298 200 EFFZETT PRO WORM BC 2,00m 1,02m 2 10-28g 150g 574,00 kn
2298 215 EFFZETT PRO SPECIALIST BC 2,15m 1,10m 2 14-42g 155g 607,00 kn
2295 210 EFFZETT PRO DROPSHOT 2,10m 1,07m 2 7-28g 150g 571,00 kn
2295 240 EFFZETT PRO DROPSHOT 2,40m 1,23m 2 7-28g 165g 616,00 kn
2295 270 EFFZETT PRO ZANDER 2,70m 1,37m 2 10-30g 195g 631,00 kn
2296 300 EFFZETT PRO ZANDER 3,00m 1,53m 2 15-45g 250g 699,00 kn
2299 250 EFFZETT PRO ESOX 2,50m 1,27m 2 20-50g 190g 656,00 kn
2299 260 EFFZETT PRO ESOX 2,60m 1,32m 2 30-75g 215g 710,00 kn
2299 270 EFFZETT PRO ESOX 2,70m 1,37m 2 40-90g 260g 769,00 kn
2298 260 EFFZETT PRO SHAD 2,60m 1,34m 2 40-60g 210g 699,00 kn
2298 275 EFFZETT PRO SHAD 2,75m 1,41m 2 60-80g 245g 764,00 kn
2298 290 EFFZETT PRO SHAD 2,90m 1,46m 2 80-100g 280g 798,00 kn
2295 190 EFFZETT PRO JIG 1,90m 0,98m 2 7-28g 130g 532,00 kn
2295 215 EFFZETT PRO JIG 2,15m 1,10m 2 7-28g 145g 550,00 kn
2296 215 EFFZETT PRO JIG 2,15m 1,10m 2 14-35g 150g 584,00 kn
2296 270 EFFZETT PRO JIG 2,70m 1,37m 2 14-35g 200g 689,00 kn
2297 200 EFFZETT PRO JERK 2,00m 1,02m 2 30-100g 170g 682,00 kn
2295 200 EFFZETT PRO CRANK & METAL 2,00m 1,02m 2 7-28g 140g 569,00 kn
2296 220 EFFZETT PRO CRANK & METAL 2,20m 1,12m 2 10-35g 155g 592,00 kn
2296 240 EFFZETT PRO CRANK & METAL 2,40m 1,23m 2 12-42g 180g 599,00 kn
2295 220 EFFZETT PRO TWITCH & POPPER 2,20m 1,12m 2 7-28g 145g 586,00 kn